LPN Refresher Course

A LPN Refresher course helps nurse, who's license has been inactive or expired for more than two years or who has not practiced nursing for the two year period, get their license renewed.

The Central CO AHEC Refresher course is an "anytime, anywhere" program where the individual student directs and controls his/her own learning environment. The theory is offered through the Central Colorado Area Health Education Center (AHEC) on BlackBoard that can be accessed from any computer. The course is sponsored and managed through the Colorado Center for Nursing Excellence and the Central Colorado AHEC.

**This Course is Certified by the Colorado State Board of Nursing**

  1. Lapsed or expired LPN license or Pre -NCLEX student
  2. Proof professional liability insurance
  3. Proof current CPR
  4. Proof of current immunization
  5. Healthcare Background Screening
  6. PC/Mac/Linux computer with internet access

  1. Tuition Cost: $1,495.00
  2. Foundations and Adult Health Nursing 6th Edition - (ISBN: 0323057284) - Estimated - $95.00
  3. Healthcare Background Check: $40 - Paid Directly to American Databank


The course is designed using case based learning where actual case scenarios are used to develop critical thinking in the learner. There are four theoretical modules that can be accessed through the Internet on BlackBoard.

Each module has assigned readings, case studies through a CD ROM from the textbook and self-testing. The student is expected to read the assignments, review the web links, and complete the self-tests.

Once you have completed the course requirements you will then be elegable to take the open book final exam. You have to get an 80% of the final exam to continue on to the clincal portion of the Course. The Final Exam is a proctored "pencil and paper test that can be taken at an assigned facility or your local AHEC.

  • Module One - Current Concepts in Nursing Theory
  • Module Two - Therapeutic Advances
  • Module Three - Systems Review and Current Trends
  • Module Four - Contemporary Issues

Evolve: The Evolve Website will be used as a tool to teach various scenarios. These include critical thinking exercises in adult health (all systems), med-surg problems, procedures and treatment, mathematical practice, acid base and electrolytes, infection control and wound care, and psychiatric fundamentals, procedures and disorders and treatment.

Clinical Practicum

Module Five is 120 (or 80 depending on how long you have been out of nursing) hours of clinical practicum, skills training and hospital required training utilizing "self-assessment" and "competency" tools under the direct supervision of an RN preceptor. The clinical experience is individualized for the student based on their background, education and planned work environment. The experience is a contract between the student, healthcare facility and assigned preceptor.

  • 2-5 years expired/inactive - Contact Hours: 120 Theory and 80 Clinical*
  • 5-10 years expired/inactive - Contact Hours: 120 Theory and 120 Clinical*
  • 10 or more years expired/inactive - Contact Hours: 120 Theory and 120 Clinical*

    *The State Board of Nursing may require additional hours as determined by the Board on a case-by case basis.

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