50-over-50 Project

Florence’s List

Many nurses yearn for the day they can retire! Afternoons of golf, lunches with friends, baby sitting grandchildren all seem so inviting. The day comes when the nurse can finally donate scrubs and lab coats to Good Will and head for a relaxing day at the library!

Weeks pass, then months and the nurse finds her/his conversation with friends reflecting on the experiences of the past! “I miss it! There, I said it! Well actually not all of it, but somehow I’d like to do something!” What would Florence do?

Years of experience and the collection of a volume of knowledge is something to be proud of and share. Florence’s List (apologies to Angie) gives the retired nurse a place to do this. A simple application form will be entered into a data base housed by the Central Colorado Area Health Education Center (CCAHEC).

Hospitals, health centers and schools of nursing can access this when they have a need. The nurse will be contacted by e-mail and the rest will be determined by both parties. This is for volunteer services, contract work or paid services.


This is the opportunity for retired nurses to keep in touch with the profession they love, share their knowledge or maybe mentor a new professional who can benefit from a seasoned one!


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